Deadly Dull

Talking about ourselves seems so boring at times. I think it’s that inferiority complex thing. Everything some one else is doing seems so much more interesting and worthwhile that whatever we are doing ourselves.

My sister is having her second baby on Thursday. That’s my biggest news and it’s not even about me, directly.

I have a hundred things I need to be doing but this cold is sucking the life out of me.… Read the rest

Looking for a Bed

It’s after 1:00 am. If not for the insanity I would already be in bed. I work at 9:00 am and it’s not a short day like today. I’ve washed the uniform all I need to do is log off the Internet. Silly me, I seem to have forgotten how to do that.

Thinking Happy Thoughts

I can’t keep denying it, I’ve got a cold. It seems to be in my throat of all places. Work won’t be so fun if I keep coughing like this. At least my period finished.

I’m working 9:00 – 3:00 tomorrow. I think I will miss Sarah’s baby shower. Her in-law family have arranged it all.… Read the rest

First Day

Not a real first day since it was just an orientation. We toured the store, signed papers, got a uniform (golf shirt) and found out what we are doing. I am a floor service person. Sounds great so far. From what I know I walk around and see if anyone needs help. If they are looking for something I take them there, offer to show them little extras to go with their planned purchase, etc.… Read the rest

The News

It’s been a long time since I updated. Things have changed, as things do. I bought a car, a Ford Tempo (93) for about $2,000. On Friday I heard back from Zellers, I got a job! Tomorrow afternoon I’m going in for an orientation session and then I will find out just what I’m doing and when.… Read the rest