The Monster Truck: Rufus

I wanted to add… I drove the old Ford truck today. These days it looks more like something you would leave out in the back 40 acres for picking up hay bales now and then. It does seem to run ok though, I didn’t have any trouble with it. I thought I might when I got my first real look at it.… Read the rest

Playing with Programs

My Dad has a CD for something called The PrintShop Multimedia Organizer from Broderbund. I’m not sure what it is or if its really anything I would find useful. But since its here… I’m going to install it and explore.

Another program that caught my attention this weekend is called Sabre. I really don’t know what it does, only that its used in the travel/ tourism industry.… Read the rest

I am a Woman

A lot of what I think about men and women comes back to the grooming issue. Do I really hate shaving my legs, wearing make-up (the whole girly girl thing) that much? Maybe I just resent them for pushing this lifestyle on us and making us feel less than a woman if we don’t adhere to all of it.… Read the rest

Changes and Chaos

I think someday someone is going to invent something, the ultimate writers tool, which will let you send your thoughts directly to the word processor. My brain goes a kilometre a second and before I can even make a quick note the next batch of thoughts are crowding out whatever was there a second ago. As I waited for the blog to load I lost track of three ideas I thought I would start out with.… Read the rest

Magazines, Magazines, Magazines!

In the short time since I moved, is it a week already? I have bought over a dozen magazines. One book too: The Canadian Writer’s Market. There is a story about that book now. The latest edition came out just 2 days after I bought the old one at Chapters. I noticed it was in need of an update at the time but I bought it thinking it would be of some use, since websites were included for most of the listings.… Read the rest

Photography Quotes

I found these at Better Photo as I was looking for links to post to Bewitching Vagabond tonight. I started looking for tips for beginners using scanners.

“We look at a painting to know the painter; it’s his company we are after, not his skill.” – James McNeill Whistler

“A photograph is a most important document, and there is nothing more damning to go down to posterity than a silly, foolish smile caught and fixed forever.”… Read the rest