1,000,000 Neopoints

Althought they are totally useless outside of the Neopets.com game/ site I have finally gotten to the million neopoints level. I’ve been working on getting a million into my bank account on the site for over a year. In April, on April Fool’s Day I was only a few hundred away. But they played an April Fools joke and I was a fool and thought the site was going to drastically change their policy. So, I gave away 800,000 points to Zack (my nephew who got me started playing on the site). I really regretted it cause some other kid chose that time to steal everything from Zack. All my points and the expensive items I had given Zack too. That was really annoying. But, nothing could be done about it. But, I have overcome that setback and tonight I finally got my million! It means nothing. But, it’s a small goal and kind of nice to have gotten there.

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