$100 An Hour

How far would you go for $100 an hour? Would you sell yourself for an hour? Would you commit a crime? Would you… ?

Would you let a man fondle and play with your breasts in exchange for money? Assuming you are female and have breasts.

What do you think about a guy who would pay for that, $100 an hour.

What do you think about a woman who would consent to that.

I have no answers, just the possibility of $100 an hour.

I think my brother would be really upset, should he ever find out. I think my Mother wouldn’t be crazy about it, but she might understand.

Am I a total sleazebag? I’ve been a nice girl all my life. I never slept around before, during or after my marriage. What does it matter? I’m 41 now, no shy, blushing virgin.

Sometimes men, with their need for a fuck (not sex and certainly not making love) make me sick. I hate them in ways. Reading the Craiglist posts for the Toronto list, all the personals from men are geared to sex. Even the few that mention more have to add sex or the emphasis on the way she looks rather than the person she is. In reality do they really want more than a blow up doll, I think not.

So, when I need money and I really don’t expect I will find another man to have around in my life, why not get $100 an hour? If I can stand to be touched, if I can reserve everything in my mind and just be a blow up doll, why not do it?

The only problem I can see is just being too grossed out to follow through with it. I am about as virginal as 41 years old woman is likely to be. Maybe I’m a bit prudish just from a lack of experience, having only had sex with the man I was married to. One boyfriend after the divorce but no sex. My life is too crazy to be real.

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